Friday, September 7, 2012

Stewart's bevel or splade piling a new invention

Piles are drilled vertically into the ground and the weight sits on these piles and the building has sure footings and will not move. surface tension or friction hold the piles from moving plus the sub ground hardness..
Bevel or splade piling is sinking the holes or piles at a thirty degree angle or more from the vertical going away from the center of the building. These piles do not need to be as deep as they support the building on the sides of the piles and also the ends,  Much the same way as snow shoes support a man in snow vertical piles would be like walking with out the snow shoes and one would sink to the hard ground beneath. If one were to remove a model of the piles vertically then twice the amount of soil would have to be removed with twice the effort.. These are great for flood prone areas for housing and for clay and reactive soils.
Houses that weight in at less than say fifty tons the splade piles would have only be about 2 meters long and not going to bedrock and have a diameter of say 300mm. using the same number as normal piles. The savings in concrete time and labor would be substantial. In high loading areas then bedrock anchors would also have to be used as is already done.

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