Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shantyhut philosophy

I have lived in shanty houses over the years and they seem to be the best times of my life. We lived, and I was stronger then.  Respect for others and there property was instilled in us then. Respect for ones elders was something to be cherished and they cherished the respect and there wisdom shone forth, guiding the young and leaving there indelible impressions on my soul for the years that followed and which are still there. I saw old people who were thrown to the scrap heaps of society and wondered how they got there. these were wonderful and colorful caricatures.   The building materials used to create there shanty houses was rudimental to say the least. I was not encouraged to visit these people by this time we lived in a "normal" house. I have never forgot where I have come from and this makes me stronger than the other people who lived a sheltered life. My friends lived in much the same conditions as I in there early years. I must admit that I live in a "normal" house now in a normal street in a rough area of town and there is no respect for children and no respect for the elderly or property. I think my days in this area are numbered as the bush is calling me. I have just read an account of an ocean traveler in a tiny boat without contact with the world doing gigantic feats knowing they were on there own in all respects. This is living and the dream of a shanty house or hut in the bush is the call of the bush that not all people can aspire to, it is bread into some people and others it is not. I worked in the mines and didn't see anyone for up to sixteen hours a day and to me this was heaven, total solitary confinement and on several occasions this included being buried to my waist and having to dig myself out.Then there was the fire fight and the trouble I got into for that. Basically what happened is I stumbled onto a fire in the mine and put it out with a fire extinguisher and the paper work that followed was immense. If you think you are going to get a pat on the back you are wrong In the last ten months I was in the mines there averaged one fire a month . Where is this going,  I wouldn't have a clue. I guess what I am saying is you are only as good as your last job make a schitter and that's what you are and no one wants to know you. So I guess I now can talk to all in computer land and you read on.

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